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I first met Richie in 1995 when we became friends and partnered to open a training center together. It was a good decision on my part...he had experience in areas I did not and maximized it to our advantage! I trust Richie and would do it all over again.

Bob KingFormer strength and conditioning coach for NBA Dallas Mavericks, Former asst coach with Dallas cowboys 3 super bowl rings former strength coach MLS FC Dallas and olympic strength and conditioning coach

I’ve known Richie for more than 20 years. I’ve known him personally and professionally. One of the cool things about Richie is his consistency. His character is the same whether you’re doing business together or just hanging out as friends. I'm proud to call him my friend and proud of the businessman he has become.

Drew PitmanNFL Sports Agent, Author of Best Selling Book, First Team Dad

It’s hard to find someone that has the combined qualities of passion, leadership, integrity and sheer will, but Richie is one of those people. His athletic background gives him an edge, which he uses to his advantage – and to his team’s advantage – in order to win. I’m proud to have partnered with him in the past, but even more proud to call him a trusted friend.

Chris VallettaFormer contestant on The Apprentice NFL Alumni, Author of best selling book Team Works and Co-founder of Mission Athlete Skincare

"Richie is a man I have fully trusted for 18 years. He helped us get started in our business and brought to the table a vision for a better future."

"Richie Jaynes is someone you would call a foxhole person."

"Richie Jaynes is someone who has always returned my call. You can count on him."

"Richie Jaynes truly cares. 18 years of being there in business and friendship. I trust him."

"When I think of Richie Jaynes I know he represents a man who does what he says and says what he does."

Joe HadachekFormer college head football coach, Iowa football state champion coach, top earner and business builder in the direct sales industry, champion of of men.

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