If you find yourself driven to be the best you can be—to live on the path of ultimate fitness and ultimate wealth—then there are five mind-sets you’ll want to adopt starting today. These mind-sets, though they may seem simple, can change everything for you.

When it comes to fitness, train according to your strengths. Know your body and capabilities. Don’t try to dead-lift 400 pounds if you’re just now learning what dead-lifting is! Use proper programming, follow a steady methodology and make sure what you’re doing is meeting your goals.

When it comes to wealth, you also have to know your limits and capabilities. Don’t over-extend yourself. Use discretionary income for purchases and not the income you’ve budgeted to live on.

ALWAYS Be Consistent
The #1 rule I see being broken in creating fitness and building wealth is the consistency factor. It’s not how much you do, or how much you invest that matters. It’s how consistent you are in doing it. It doesn’t do any good to go strong for a couple of weeks and then take off a couple of weeks, then go strong again, then stop again. Be consistent with whatever you chose to do.

ALWAYS Be Moving
There is no advantage to standing still. You want to constantly move forward. No slowing down. No parking your butt. That goes for your money to. You want your money moving. I never like to feel like my money is “parked.” I want it moving at all times. For your body, moving keeps your your heart rate up and builds muscle endurance. For your finances, moving makes things happen.

ALWAYS Be Competing
Keep yourself in a competitive mode. Competing in a healthy environment is a good thing. Most importantly, compete with yourself. It helps you set your goals and not become complacent. Go out and want to be better tomorrow than you were today. Go out and set your eyes on someone that you want to be better than and pass them by. Go compete!

ALWAYS Be Forward-Thinking.
If you want consistent gains in your wealth and your health, always be looking ahead ahead. Never look back. Master the movements and strategies that you are currently doing, all the while focusing on moving forward to bigger and better things. This keeps you from getting stuck in a rut or getting stale. Neither is good for your wealth and your health. Set your eyes on the road ahead and dream big and go for it! Be better tomorrow than you were today.

These “always” mindsets, if implemented into your daily routine and mastered, will be extremely beneficial to ensuring you accomplish your health and financial goals. Start always doing them today.

Live like a champion!


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