Commitment is a big word.

It is a scary word.

Commitment is a word that many avoid.

It is a word that carries responsibility.

It is necessary in order to have success.

Commitment to success is not a sometime thing. It is a everytime thing. You just cant periodically commitment to success. You have to commit to it every day to be able to see it through.

Commitment will carry you when everything is is dead or gone. It is the soul of your success.

Your commitment is your action, not your words. Anybody can say they are committed to something. But wanting to commit and actually committing sit on different ends of the spectrum. Commitment is evidenced by one thing and one thing only: It is what you do. Today. Not what you did yesterday or what you plan to do tomorrow.

Commitment is a freedom and an obligation that restricts certain actions. This is why so many people are afraid to commit. Committing requires them to halt certain actions and behaviors that they normally would enjoy doing. Committing requires sacrifice.

Commitment is a choice.

Make the right choice and commitment to success today.

Live like a champion!



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