When I turned 40, something happened.

My body stopped operating like it used to. Activities became more of a struggle. Workouts felt harder. Soreness lasted longer.

Sure, these are all natural effects of aging. But there’s something about turning the “Big 4-0.” In my head and mind, I still felt like I was in my twenties or thirties. I expected to be able to still do the things I did then, with the same intensity and approach. Mentally, I was still in my football-playing days.

Physically though, my body didn’t agree. It didn’t react like it did before. Science has proven that when we hit the 40-year-old mark, there are certain biomechanical markers that start dropping—dramatically. One of them is testosterone. This particular hormone handles and addresses most of the issues I mentioned earlier: struggling, soreness and being able to workout with intensity.

Knowing that these changes were inevitable and unavoidable, I had to become smarter about how I approached my exercise. You may be in the same boat or experiencing the same things. If so, then you’ll need to become smarter about your approach to exercise, too.

That’s part of my vision for TheChampionFitLife.com—to educate and bring awareness to those of us in the over-40 crowd who want to maintain an active lifestyle. There will be a certain way you are going to have to approach your fitness in order to make gains and strides toward your goals.

My mission—no matter what your age—is to get you to your ultimate fitness level (not just fit!). Often, I’ll post about approaches, methodologies and programming on this site to help you reach that ultimate level. I’ll draw from my years of experience in working with people in all levels of fitness. I’ll also draw from my own experience. I’m going to bring you the “best of the best” I’ve learned and seen put into practice.

The bottom line is this: Those of us over 40 cannot do (with longevity) what those under 40 can do. We have to be smarter so we don’t end up injured or constantly in a “state of recovery.” We want to still make big advances, but we want to do what’s realistic so they last. At age 40, it’s easier to over-train than under-train. That’s why I believe in a smart, systematic approach. Let people have their CrossFits and Boot Camps and their “throw-it-all-against-the-wall” mentality. It’s easy to get caught up in that, but when you do, often you’ll find yourself not making gains or—worse—you’ll find yourself injured. (Remember: The #1 reason you’re in the gym is to keep from getting injured!)

So think about how you’re approaching your workouts. And stay tuned because at TheChampionFitLife.com, we’ll be discussing the best approaches and nutritional habits to help you in your quest for ultimate fitness. And if you haven’t yet subscribed to my email list, click here so you don’t miss a thing.

Make it a great day and go live like a champion!


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