2 Pillars To A Champion Fit Life

By August 5, 2016Fitness

9 out of 10 people today when starting a fitness routine are looking to accomplish a few simple things:

  1. Look good in the mirror and bathing suit.
  2. Be fit overall.
  3. Be lean and perform at a high level on a daily basis.

With those things in mind, I have formulated two pillars that one needs to master and accomplish to be a success when it comes to living a fit champion life. The first pillar is the pillar of nutrition. Now while most of your fitness professionals out there want to make it complicated for the average person, I want to break it down for you and try and keep it really simple. I want you to focus on one simple thing – not your macros or carb free or trying to cut out certain foods and have certain amounts of other foods – I want you to focus on the one thing that is very simple to follow: your calorie intake.

I want you to get measured for your daily calorie burn, otherwise known as your BMR (basic metabolic rate). Basically, this is the calories you burn on a daily basis at rest…if you did nothing all day but just sit. This is your burn rate, and from this it will be able to tell you how many calories you need to take in in order to gain weight or lose weight.

Very simple right?

Anyone can add calories up every day from what they eat! One easy way to do this by getting a free app called My Fitness Pal – it will track all your calories for you!

The second pillar I want you to concentrate on is your exercise program. You will want to incorporate a program that focuses on two areas: one is the calorie burn aspect, and the other is muscle building. Simply put, a workout program should include a routine that allows you to have the ability to burn a lot of calories while doing resistance type exercises – both things happening simultaneously.

The ideal program would be one that is constantly moving and sequenced together in a circuit style type routine. This particular type of program will allow you to burn fat while you’re also building and toning muscles…ultimately resulting in you looking, feeling, and being fit!

By attacking these two pillars and mastering them, you can reach the goals you have for yourself as you map out a champion fit life. Likely, they’re the same goals that 9 out of 10 people are looking for when entering into a fitness program: to look good, feel good and perform good.

This is what living a champion fit life is all about!

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