How big is your “want to”?

By October 3, 2016Success

How big is your “want to”?

Thats the magic question that has to be addressed…It is usually the big elephant in the room that is never talked about. Other people call it your “purpose”. Some call it your “why”. Your “want to” is what I like to call it. It will determine how far you go and how much success you will have.

Your “want to” is how bad do you want to accomplish something. Whether it be losing weight, gaining muscle, getting in shape, making more money, starting a business…how bad do you want it?

It is your “want to” that will be your driving force behind how far you go and how much success you will have with it. Many people like to talk big games, but “talk” and your “want to” are two different things. You have to really want something in life in order to accomplish it, especially if it is a big goal or aspiration. As with all big goals and aspirations there will usually be a lot of obstacles and roadblocks that will pop up along the way.

So If your “want to” is pretty small, then the slightest little thing will take you right out of the game. You could also call your “want to” your commitment level. We have talked about your commitment in a earlier blog, go back and check it out here.

This may take a little soul searching to really find out how big your want to really is. You might also find out how big it is along the way when your first obstacle pops up or the first negative person pops up. So ask yourself, “How big is my want to?” and from there you will be able to determine how far you are going to be able to go in your endeavor. It will also show how much you are willing to sacrifice. That is usually a dirty word to most, because most people want it all but do not want to sacrifice anything in order to get.

Those people do not have a very big “want to”. So set your goals, set your dreams, develop a very big “want to”… and you will go far and achieve more than you ever could’ve imagined!


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