5 key secrets to obtaining your most fit body

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Richie Jaynes the Champion Builder’s 5 key secrets to obtaining the your most fit body

1. Nutrition. You will want to make sure you know what your RMR is (resting metabolic rate) and then develop a nutrition intake program with calorie controlled meals to make sure you are within your zone of your RMR.These calorie/portion controlled meals need to be more in protein nutrients than anything else. While this is not completely what you need it is important as protein creates more of a metabolic effect. The key to the nutrition program is making sure you are taking in enough calories to not lose valuable muscle but not to many calories that puts you in a surplus. Remember. In order to burn body fat. the #1 rule or law that can not be ignored. No matter what your re doing. Is you must take in less calories than you are burning In order to lose body fat. If you want to gain weight. You must take in more calories than you are burning.As you become more trained and specific. You can get more specific with your macros but for now we want to focus on the basic fundamental of losing body fat and gaining lean muscle tissue. That is dealing with your calorie intake. For more specific ways to incorporate this. Visit www.richiejaynes.com to get your portion calorie controlled meals

2 Programming. You want to make sure the program you are performing is helping you obtain the maximum number of calories you need to make sure you are in deficit. So you are burning more calories than you are taking in. In addition your program should also include high intensity resistance exercises that will be stressing your muscles to create muscle stimulation and growth.Lean muscle tissue is the key to long term body fat loss. This program is a duel program that creates a high metabolic burn while perming a mixture of resistance training  anaerobic and aerobic type exercises that are out together in a circuit style with the sequencing of the exercises creating this high metabolic effect while also creating muscle stimulation. For more information on these specific metabolic high intensity programs. Please visit www.richiejaynes.com where you can get over 365 different programs that you can do that will get you in the best shape of your life while creating the body you always have wanted

3. Supplementation. Make sure you are on a very good supplement program that is providing enough branch chain amino acids and protein to help protect and preserve lean muscle tissue that you have worked so hard for that you may be trying to burn up and use in the high intensity calorie  deficit burning program. You want to preserve this muscle you have worked so hard to get as again it is the valuable piece to the equation on long term body fat loss. This supplementation program should include nutrient timing elements. To take advantage of the window of opportunities that your body has before, during and after exercise.This supplementation program needs to provide enough protein and BCAA’s to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue. You will need to take a series of profits in order to accomplish this.One product can not accomplish  all of this. For more information on what supplementation the we recommend. Please visit www.richiejaynes.com The Champion Builder.

4. Tracking App. In order to know if you are on track with your caller intake. You will need to get an app to show and track this for you. This is extremely valuable for you to make sure you are on track with your calorie intake. I see too many times people eating foods that they think are low in calories or they may be low in calories but are having too much of it. End up way over their recommended calorie intake for the day. This is something that can sneak up on you as it can be a gradual effect. Also remember it is easier to take in callers than it is too burn off. Let me give you an example. A person can ingest 600 calories in a matter of minutes. Where to burn that same 600 calories off. It may take up to an hour or more of intense exercise. So you can see this could spell danger. It takes 3000 calories to equal 1 pound of weight loss or weight gain. What I mean is this. In order to lose 1 pound of fat. You must burn a deficit of 3000 calories. So if you are in taking 2500 calories a day and you are burning 3000 calories a day. You will lose 1 pound a week. The opposite can be said . If you are taking in 3000 calories a day but only burning  2500 a day. You ill gain a pound a week. 4 pounds a month and 48 pounds a year. This is why it is important for you to visually track where you are on a daily basis. This is why I recommend to get the my fitness pal app. It is free and you can download it on your phone. This will allow you to input everything you out in your mouth each day and it will track your calorie intake for you so you can see if you are within your calorie zone or not. For more information on how you can get this. Please visit www.richiejaynes.com

5. Tracking apparatus. While it is important for you to track your calorie intake for the day. It is just as important to track your calorie burn for the day. Just like you can fake yourself out on how many calories you are taking in. It is also just as easy to fake yourself out on how many calories you are burning for the day. There has been many times when I have gotten through with a  workout and I had thought to myself. Wow I really did it up in that ne and I had to burn some serious calories. Little to my knowledge when I looked at my apparatus that tracks this for me. I was no where near where i felt I had burned. This is why it is important to have an apparatus that visually shows your calorie burn, your heart rate and your intensity level along with showing you what zone you are on. The one apparatus we recommend at www.richiejaynes.com the champion builder is the Under Armour heart rate monitor. This particular one syncs with your myfitnesspal app. so you can get a good net calorie burn and intake for the day. example. If my RMR is 2000 for the day and I intake 2000 for the day and I burn 500 calories in my workout. I have a net deficit of 500 for the day. I do that 7 days in a row and I will lose 1 pound of body fat. So you can see it is very important to track this aspect of your fitness journey. In order to know here you are going you must be able to see if you are meeting those goals a=or not. For more information on the Under Armour  heart rate monitor. Please visit www.richiejaynes.com The Champion Builder

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